Sunday, March 31, 2013

Green Waffle Diner, Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Green Waffle Diner, chicken waffles

Grabbed lunch at this cosy little shop (35-39 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong, tel: +852 2887 9991) styled like an American diner located near the top of Graham Street just a little bit above the wet market. From what I know, they do fried chicken and waffles, which seem to be what they're better known for.

Their deep fried chicken drumsticks which were served piping hot were drained of residual grease were actually pretty good. The skin was lightly battered, thin and crispy with juicy meat on the inside.

Green Waffle Diner, steak eggs

There was also a skillet of steak and eggs. In my mind, I had been imagining a larger skillet, but I guess US sized only happens in the US. It tasted pretty much like how it looked and was a little greasy. Could make a pretty decent after drinks comfort grub. Coffee was no good here.

Green Waffle Diner, Graham Street, Hong Kong Central

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