Sunday, March 10, 2013

Windowsill In The Woods, Horne Road

This establishment previously known as just Windowsill Pies as I know it used to sell just pies. Sweet dessert pies to be exact. Recently, they seem to have come up with a concept for their pie shop, interestingly named Windowsill in the Woods (78 Horne Road, tel : +65 9004 7827) with a Nordic decor, that does pop up themes in their kitchen for savory food with each theme lasting a fortnight.

This was basically the first run and I'm seeing that the current theme is poultry.

I think it wasn't too bad at all. I would've liked more sausage in those scotch eggs with curry mayo but I'm not complaining. Fried chicken with waffles was fairly crispy and definitely greasy (the bird!) with the sweet and savory thing going on. What I really liked was their arrabbiata styled spicy pasta with chicken hearts and baby octopus. Portions of those chicken hearts were a little measley for me, but the taste and chew was right up my alley. Gotta give those buffalo quails in sour cream dip on the side a try. I actually liked the spicy tangy morsels of bird much better than I had expected.

 scotch eggs three

scotch eggs de-brained

fried chicken and waffles

linguine with chicken hearts and octopus

buffalo quails


Anonymous said...

the scotch eggs are yummay!!

Daniel's Food Diary said...

I realised many people are blogging about Windowsill this week!