Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Suprette, Jalan Besar

Suprette (383 Jalan Besar, Kam Leng Hotel, tel : +65 6298 8962) is located on the ground floor of a cosy boutique hotel nestled in Jalan Besar right across the main street from Lavender Food Square.

The place is basically a small restaurant with a bar and a small menu. And they serve a very unremarkable salad.

The only thing that I enjoyed about their Suprette Burger is the buns. Sesame studded, toasted and buttered. Well, maybe the Gruyère cheese too. The rest of it was rather ordinary and the heart of the burger, which was the patty, was sadly filled with too much herbs and did not possess a favorable fat to meat ratio. There were definitely flavors going on, but not those that I liked in a burger.

A deft hand with the salt and pepper really elevated their hanger steak which I liked. Even though it was poorly cooked to a medium well doness when I had requested for medium rare. The flavors of the meat shone through and quite a bit of tenderness remained in the grainy textures that tore into delicious slivers. Pity about the doneness. And the bone with too little marrow.

What I couldn't quite settle on was the red onion relish that threw me off by being licorice-ish and brought reminders of star anise. I couldn't help thinking of lor bah (Chinese dark soy sauce braised meat with spices). Didn't taste bad actually, just didn't quite meld into expectations.

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Anonymous said...

have been wanting to visit this place but since your review isn't favorable, I'll put it on hold for a little while more. Thanks!