Sunday, November 10, 2019

Re-revisiting Masa Steak & Hamburg

Masa Steak & Hamburg, gohan

We still haven't taken the plunge with the expensive steaks at Masa. But we remembered having a better impression of their hamburg from the last visit so we came back for them again. More affordable even though they're still pricey.

Masa Steak & Hamburg, snapper carpaccio

We started with snapper carpaccio. Pretty good slices with good texture and a nice flavour from the fish thats paired with mostly some umami which we suspected came from the orange-y stuff (maybe bottarga or dried shrimp roe?) and the drizzles of balsamic. Refreshing but the portions were pretty small.

Masa Steak & Hamburg, hamburg cheddar

Today's hamburg was topped with Cheddar. The centre was a little mushy unlike the first time when it was properly textured by a better controlled doneness.

Masa Steak & Hamburg, gohan set

Had a gohan set to go with the hamburg. The rice came with miso soup and some tsukemono. Shredded takuan, gobo and I think spring onions.

Masa Steak & Hamburg, spaghetti bolognese

Pleasantly surprised by their spaghetti bolognese. There was cream in it which soften the edge from the tanginess in the tomato component of the sauce and added a light creaminess. Pasta doneness was also nicely time resulting in firm noodles. This was much tastier than I had thought.

Masa Steak & Hamburg, suntory

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