Monday, September 01, 2008

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant, North Bridge Road

Zam Zam, mutton murtabakmutton murtabak

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant, North Bridge RoadZam Zam is an Indian Muslim shop (697 North Bridge Road, tel: 6298 6320) with a history that was longer that that of this nation. I shall concede to the assumption that the 100 year old establishment definitely knows a great deal or three about their murtabaks and briyanis than most. The former I've personally found to be one of the better, if not best that I've had. The crowd in the restaurant as I had expected was nothing short of vibrant. I don't recall having eating here before. Might have had take aways previously but it's as good as a clean slate for me.

What's quite unique about Zam Zam's murtabak were the additional layer of prata dough that's folded over an inner layer. The outside piece is coated with egg, blanketed with a generous topping of ground mutton which were then pan fried to a crisp - giving it the granular texture. So that murtabak would be crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The onions were lightly cooked that there was still a mild crunch. Not under nor overdone in my opinion. Stuffings were also in a good space between being too loose and overly compact. I suppose that moderation must have appealed plenty to the masses.

Zam Zam, beef murtabakbeef murtabak

We managed 2 murtabaks for sharing. Between the beef and the mutton, the latter was definitely the superior in terms of taste. There was a stronger aroma coming from the ground mutton. While their curry wasn't too spicy and had pre-requisite saltiness, I felt that it was a little flat tasting. We ordered some fried chicken on the side which weren't even dignified with a heat up.

Zam Zam, fried chicken
I hear that their neighbour, Victory is a close rival to this place so maybe, I could just pop over another day and see if which one would win in a shootout.

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red fir said...

I think you could give the briyanis a go. This place just won the Stomper's award for best briyani.