Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some takeout pizza from Donato

Did an unexpected take out from this unique pizza establishment (Pizza da Donato, 8 Sixth Avenue, tel : 6219 7562) down at the Bukit Timah side of 6th Ave which I had just realised that some one had recommended quite a while ago. There's a bunch of other stuff like lasagna, sausages, calzones and desserts available besides the shiny pizzas that were on display.

Crust on the pizzas of Donato wasn't of the thin variety but it definitely wasn't overwhelming and turned out to be not bad. Special mention goes to that quattro formaggi pizza which was generous with that pungent Gorgonzola and that had probably more than twice the blue cheese in each slice of than the whole of one pizza at Mama Lucia. The Hawaiian did look a little cheap though. There was also some pizza sandwich thing filled half with ham and cheese and the other half with spinach. The spinach stuffing was pretty tasty.

Will definitely consider this place again when I next have a pizza craving.

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danielle your friendly neighbourhood hippo said...

there's a new pizza al taglio outlet in B1-09 West Coast Plaza called The Pizza Slice. They have awesome pizzas by the slice, if I'm not wrong, it's probably the pizza by the slice that used to be in sixth avenue.