Monday, September 08, 2008

Resto Surabaya, Lucky Plaza

Resto Surabaya, Lucky Plaza

This shop down at Lucky Plaza (304 Orchard Road, #02-63/64 Lucky Plaza, tel: 6732 1803) wasn't too bad considering the variety of stuff that the restaurant was selling. I'm definitely not so experienced in the realms of ayam penyet here, having only tried a few places locally and not knowing how the actual ones are like. I've had even had one in Bintan where the chicken was simply just fried and not even smashed. So the ayam penyet kreme here actually ranked pretty well in taste with their tender fried chicken really beaten up and easily removed from the fractured bones. Not to mention that the tauhu goreng and tempeh tasted freshly fried. That the weak looking chilli on the side was actually quite spicy. The actual portions were actually much smaller than it looks here on photo.

On the side, we ordered a tauhu telur and a longtong cap go meh. The latter was kinda like lontong in a coconut rich gravy with a chicken drumstick and a keropok on the top. The gravy was rich and flavourful - one of those things that made me want to eat beyond just one serving of rice. But it was otherwise just a lontong with measly bits of boiled vegetables. I thought that the tauhu telur looked rather small but the good thing about it was that it didn't appear over-fried and that it came with a bowl of nutty sauce with shrimp paste that upped the flavour game of the dish.

Their savoury sop buntut (oxtail soup) wasn't too bad as well tasting mildly of the beef used. I caught a pepper-ish aroma and fried shallots. I noticed afterward that they had grilled oxtails and ayam bakar on the menu too. Definitely could consider a re-visit some time.


D said...

I had a pretty good ayam pengyat at the temporary Geylang Serai market, not sure if it's still there. The chili did take me by surprise as well, appearing so mellow but wielding a pretty strong kick.

LiquidShaDow said...

That's (Geylang Serai) one place I always forget about when I'm looking for chow. I'll drop by one of these days to see if they're still around. But there seems to be quite a few of these ayam penyet stores around lately. I've had a couple of bad ones.