Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rotis down at Jalan Galloway

I don't have the address of this 24 hour stall. It was located behind some police headquarters. But it was definitely worth the effort to trek down to the end of Jalan Galloway (Kuala Lumpur City 50150), a little street just beside Swiss Garden Hotel. These guys served freshly made roti canai (known as roti prata back home), ayam goreng and teh tarik amongst other things. I thought I saw a little painted sign on the stall which said Cafe Safari. Ignore the tacky name.

roti plaster

What was enjoyable about the roti canai (the counterparts of roti plaster and roti pisang as well) ws that it wasn't as heavy. The roti pisang featured cooked sliced bananas which was piping hot and readily melting in the mouth. It was also my first time having a banana prata with chicken curry and dahl. Unexpectedly good. After a couple of these washed down with teh tarik, I felt like I was ready for more. 4 of those rotis and a two cups teas amounted to a princely sum of RM$7. Was good tea (RM$1) that they brewed. Artfully pulled, so to speak. We liked it enough that we came back for more in the following morning for a takeaway of breakfast which included the mentioned rotis, thosai and fried chicken. Of course, washed down with more of those teh tarik.

roti pisang

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ah Teo said...

looking at the pics makes me crave for some good roti canai w/ teh tarik! ah.......