Tuesday, September 30, 2008

River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodle, Thai Thong Crescent

It was apparent from the dexterity and speed of the man behind the stall catering to a full house that this noodle shop (31 Tai Thong Crescent, tel : 6281 9293) is a veteran. From what I heard, they've been serveing prawn and pork rib noodles for a long time. They're open almost every day of the year and only take a day off once a month. I've been hearing some good things about them and decided to come down to try their noodles which are supposedly one of the best.

In retrospect, I would suppose that the main draw of Hoe Nam would be the slightly peppery prawn and rib based soup. Which was good but nothing decidedly outstanding. At least for me. No discredit to the folks that have been running this place forever here. It wasn't mind blowing in the department of flavour nor were the noodle outstanding. Those noodles were mostly flavoured by the chilli and fried shallots. Did I mentioned that their abalone clams tasteed like where it came from? Cans.

What I thought was rather good were the plain old fried fish cakes that were sold on the side. These and the intestines could just be what that could make me consider a re-visit. If I could ever convince myself to brave the mad crowd again.

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D said...

Even their dry version looks pretty darn tasty!