Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mamma Lucia Pasta & Pizza, Robertson Walk

Mamma Lucia's Italian restaurant (11 Unity Street, #01-07 Robertson Walk, tel: 6738 0242) just next door from their churrascaria place turned out to be quite disappointing. I've been wondering about the place and the food always looked to be pretty nice on someone else's table. Until today, I had the impression that they couldn't be too bad since mediocrity generally gets weeded out by the nearby competition. There are at least few Italian restaurants in the vicinity of Robertson Quay after all. I suppose it told why the prices here are kept low. Frills are almost non existent. Not even a cloth napkin. No more of their walnut sauces. And the dips tasted canned.

I was wondering what I'd get for a $15 prosciutto e melon and laid the expectations low. It did turn out okay and the melon was fragrant but I thought that it could have been ripened further. This was a little too crunchy for my liking. The fronds of rocket at the top simply looked like they couldn't care less.

Unfortunately for their gnocchi alla gamberetti and/or possibly for myself, I just had to compare with what Porta Porta did for a prawn cream sauce. This one was rich with tomato, a little too tangy and had too little flavour from the crustacean if any. The prawns in the gnocchi tasted exactly like those that were used in the sister restaurant next door which meant that they were overcooked. But at least now I know.

To plunge further downhill, the pizza Gorgonzola e rucola arrived initially without the rockets. I cannot imagine how an overlook like that would occur considering that the name of the pizza itself already mentioned rucola. When informed about the situation, the pizza was brought back with that you see in the picture. Haphazardly put into place made difficult to eat with all leaves and stalks. I was also pretty disappointed at how pathetically tiny the quantity of Gorgonzola cheese there were on the pizza. With burnt crust edges and a soggy base this looked like they didn't even care.

Will never return.

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