Friday, May 09, 2008

Porta Porta, Stanley Street

This sure took a long time. I've been caught up with wizards and snipers and centuries old alchemist being chased by the original 007 of Her Majesty's service that this entry was neglected. But I digress. Dinner at Porta Porta was a "sea catch" set ($40.50) and a couple of pasta and rice from the a la carte menu.

Porta Porta at Stanley Street (5 Stanley Street, tel : 6222 7461) turned out to be a slightly different experience than the one at Upper Changi. Most of that difference came from the food which I thought was a noticeable notch up in terms of robustness of flavour at the Changi location. This was definitely felt where comparisons can be drawn like the still excellent prawn cream penne and their fish soup. But, in spite of being less robust in flavour, the food was still enjoyable. Of course it all means nothing to people who don't even like seafood in the first place. There could be some improvement with the doneness of the generously portioned pasta, but hey, I'm not really complaining.

Flavours from the food in Porta Porta were good. Almost everything was bursting with flavor. From the rich aromas of garlic and vinegar in the tomato bruchetta (this was really awesome by the way) to the flavours of the fish bruchetta to the olive tapanade for the bread and the gravies that were used......every edible item with sauce tantalised the taste buds.

The seafood risotto wasn't too bad, but became one dimensional after a while.

The sea catch set I had mentioned earlier consisted of a fish (or baby squid) soup, the bruchettas, squid ink ravioli with crab meat (or a vongole pasta), a calamari & prawn secondi followed by desserts. The ravioli was properly done and like everything else tasted flavourful with the sauce. The tissue thin batter for the fried seafood wasn't as thin as the ones from the Changi outlet. Still, for anyone who's been to Tenshin and think that those tempura gurus do the lightest and thinnest batter around - you haven't had the calamari here yet.

There was quite a lot of espresso flavour in their tiramisu, but otherwise there isn't much really to talk about about the desserts. We're pretty sure we'll be back again for their pasta.

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wow just wondering if they're still around. seems like they are.