Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sri Kamala Vilas Restaurant, Buffalo Road

This was a good recommendation by a friend. Though I'm often around the vicinity of Little India these recent times, I haven't heard of or seen Sri Kamala Vilas (Blk 662 Buffalo Road, #01-16, tel: 6291 1164) until today. But I guess with the little corners around the blocks, many locations are easily overlooked. This was Indian Muslim coffee shop at the foot of the housing block just beside Tekka Market.

Their briyani was pretty damn good. The portions of their fragrant rice was huge and the meats were tender for both the chicken and the mutton variety. In fact, I thought the mutton was exceptionally good. Tender pieces of flavourful sheep drenched in a compelling nutty curry. This pairing was definitely lethal. I noticed that the chicken briyani had the meat plopped on top of the mountain of rice while the mutton was served in a separate dish. The only disappointment was the masala tea which was overwhelming with the taste star anise. The brew tasted rather diluted as well. I'm definitely coming back again someday to try something else.

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D said...

I love this place! Teh masala, paper dosai and the masala chicken rocks!