Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When Angels!

"It is said that a man should be wary of weeping angels, for wherever their teardrops fall, men drown."

Descent of Angels, Mitchel Scanlon

I await. Even though it's probably a very long wait.


MystiKaL said...

sigh.. i swear the moment that game comes out.. i'm jumping big time on the MMO bandwagon..

tho i think scanlon's contribution to the series pales in comparison to the earlier books..

the next book thankfully is by Dan Abnett.. have you read his Ravenor and Eisenhorn books? you should give it a try.. awesome inquisition stuff.

LiquidShaDow said...

I didn't quite like the direction this particular novel was taking because Horus was mentioned only once in the novel and it had nothing to do with the heresy at all. In fact, the whole novel had nothing to do with it.

I have actually finished the first two volumes of Eisenhorn, but I stopped so long back, i do not remember where I have left off, so I probably need to re-read from the start again. Haven't read Ravenor though. Am currently in the midst of Space Wolves omnibus.

MystiKaL said...

the triple by william king? awesome piece of work.. the ending left me screaming for more.. lol.. i have yet to find the latest 2 books.. wolfblade and sons of fenris i think..

about scanlon.. my thoughts exactly.. its like going nowhere with the horus heresy tale.. no development nothing..

my exams end tmrw.. so prolly gonna go book hunting..

i recently purchased collected visions of the Horus Heresy.. this huge hardcover with lots of backstory and artwork..