Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice, Balestier Road

Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice, Balestier Road
Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice, Balestier RoadTalk about bragging rights, Loy Kee (342 Balestier Road, S329774, tel : 62521115) actually has a store that says 'best'. That's a claim to fame that's hard to make considering that there're countless chicken rice shops out there and quite a number of them are pretty good. To be fair, I agreed that the greasy rice from their shop was a notch above many. The grains were was quite soft coupled with the eminent aroma of chicken and garlic. It's good enough to be eaten without the chilli but that being said, the tangy spicy chilli was also enjoyable as well.

The key difference with the roasted chicken from Loy Kee with multitudes of others was that the chicken here were actually roasted. Lol. The usual roasted chicken are actually fried.

Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice, Balestier RoadLoy Kee Best Chicken Rice, Balestier RoadLoy Kee Best Chicken Rice, Balestier RoadLoy Kee Best Chicken Rice, Balestier Road
On the whole, it was quite decent, but the portions a little small for what they charged. I don't think I'll go out of the way just to eat these. There is also a better value for money option in the vicinity.


Ms One Boobie said...

I used to live just a few mins walk away from Loy Kee in Woodlands. It was a good place to eat. .and all. .aircon.. and clean. I did liked it..alot.. :)

MystiKaL said...

Boon Tong Kee at balestier makes to top of my list =P

LiquidShaDow said...

I like their rice, but I don't think they're that good for me that I would go out of the way to have them again.

I haven't tried BTK at Balestier, only the one at Bt Timah and River Valley. I think they're not bad actually. A little fancy/pricey for chicken rice though.

Jess said...

perhaps you were obviously snapping photos.I've lived at Balestier for most of my life & ate there for most of these years constantly.i've always have been rather satisfied with the food there.But recently,i've noticed a drop in standard and last weekend was the worst ever.imo,good chicken can't just have good rice or chilli.everything have to at least be consistent.most disappointing last weeknd was the soup,it's (no exaggeration whatsoever)colored plain water,we asked for a change and they came back (qt a long while later) with colored plain water again,this time with more spring onions & few cabbages swimming inside.me and my 4 other diners figured there's no pt getting it changed again.the ginger is no longer as robust as before.and the crystal chicken feet,which used to be served thai style and then they change to just pouring their chilli over.that night,it was served White (as if it was just boiled in hot water) coupled with drizzles of sesame oil and soy sauce, 2 tiny parsley leave n 2 rings of cut chilli.it was beyond shocking.no comments there already.We had fried wanton too, it was just too oily and the filling was rather tasteless.all these makes the rest of the items rather unforgettable.i'm not sure if it's just that day or is the standard here to stay.but i am in no hurry to go back when there are much better ones available,i.e. at Whampoa(Nan Xiang).my mother also expressed great disappointment over the drop in standard in the breakfast menu and she's there almost every other weekend for many years.I'm glad you had a much better experience than me and i sincerely hope that all these is perhaps coz the chef was just in a bad mood.

LiquidShaDow said...

I'd like to believe that discretion is one of my strengths. Lol.

That aside, I have obviously never eaten chicken rice at Loy Kee before so it's really difficult for me to conclude if what I've had that day was a good show of their offerings or not. Since you have been eating them for a long time already, I think you would be a better judge of their standards than I am.

In any case, everything has already been prepared before my arrival. So everyone else who was lunching that day would probably be having it the same as I did.

Remember, judgment calls in the matters of taste are more often than not, dictated by preferences.