Friday, May 02, 2008

Some ice cream from Udders

There's an interesting ice cream shop at Novena by the name of Udders (155 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, tel: 6254 6629). What's interesting about them was that they're a home grown label and the ice cream was actually pretty good. I dropped by one afternoon and tried the vanilla almond marzipan and their kopi c flavours which I thought wasn't too bad. The almond ice cream was loaded with bits of the nut and despite me not being a fan of marzipan at all, it turned out pretty enjoyable. The kopi c? Tasted just like decent coffee that one can get from coffeeshops - in ice cream form. It's the worthy competitor of local caffeine beverage flavours to the teh tarik from Island Creamery. The guys that did the decor were apparently people that appreciate the brand of humour from Gary Larson. No, no bovine jokes from me here.

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red fir said...

You should try the coffee at Tom's. It's a frozen double espresso, only for coffee lovers.