Saturday, May 03, 2008

Deluxe Hitsumabushi from Wakashachiya

I thought that this was slightly gimmicky but I've had a recent craving for unagi, ignited from the recent lunch at Matsuo which brought back memories of better tasting eels I've had from a couple of other places. Being the sole non-udon main item from Wakashachiya also aided in the fact that I remembered it from the last time I had visited. I've lived numerous years of my life being disllusioned/indifferent to unagi because I've never thought much of them. That is until I've had some good ones. And now I get a craving. Lol.

Anyway, this particular dish came with a standard and a deluxe version. The latter, which was the version that I opted for came with larger portions of eel and as you can see, covered the entire bowl of rice. Which was a fairly large portion for a single person serving. How this works was to divide quarter portions of the whole bowl of unagi and rice. Each of those quartered portion would be eaten as it is, with accompanied condiments, with the dashi broth and a lastly - the preferred amongst the previous three.

In retrospect, the eel was fine but unexceptional. Nothing that really made me feel like coming back for more another time. It wasn't as oily or fatty as I had hoped. This was just something to satiate a craving.


D said...

A pity the unagi was only so so... I'm a big fan of unagi and when i saw how they stacked it up on this plate, I was like wow!

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey D,
when you do come back, check out Botan if you haven't. Their unagi is pretty good. I just need to find a place that will wow me and make me go back just to have them eels.