Friday, May 02, 2008

Another crack at the walnut...

Lunch with some a.m.i.gos. I remembered that the previous visit here at La Noce (3 Chu Lin Road, S669890, tel : 6877 1986) wasn't one that inspired much confidence. I've convinced myself to give this place another chance to see if things will improve since it's been several months from that last time and sometimes, things change for the better. Sometimes. Two things happened here. I shook hands with Salvatore Catalano. I shook hands with Mia, the Skinny Epicurean. Lol.

The draw for this journey into the obscure part of the west was their fagotino. It's a dumpling based pasta stuffed with pear and cheese which I thought was interesting. This pasta which was made in house came with the option of the regular/boring pomodoro, arrabiata or quattro formmagi sauce. To form, it arrived pretty much like how I imagined it to be. Dumplings of pasta skin filled with cheese and pear. The texture of the fruit was lost along with the sweetness. There was an almost indiscernible fruitiness which was buried under the sauce and cheeses. Could have been a lot better. Funny thing is, the old fried calamari starter was actually pretty good. Crispy batter and chewy insides. That's something that many places can't get right.

The other special of the week was a ravioli stuffed with ricotta and porcini mushrooms. The commendable part was the robust flavour of the mushrooms. The skin seemed a tad undercooked.

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