Saturday, May 24, 2008

Of hot vanilla, smoked egg and star anise...

rou cuo fan
In spite of having visited Lai Lai a few times, I've never noticed that they have rou cuo fan (minced meat with rice) because I've always been caught up with their beef noodles and lu rou fan. That and those delicious braised pig intestines which I haven't been able to find better elsewhere. Yet. Compariing with the lu rou fan, this one didn't work out as well for me because of the star anise flavour. Not saying that it wasn't good but I would preferred it if the spice didn't taste as strong. If I'm ever getting this rice bowl again, Peng Lai Ge would be the better option.

There're a couple of other things that we've picked which I've never tried before. One was a smoked egg which to my surprise, arrived chilled. I thought it was quite delicious despite it not being very smoky tasting at all. Pretty sure what contributed to my positive reaction to it was the runny yolk. The other item was a foamy warm vanilla milk which I thought was a little too sweet. Could have been pretty good if it was served hotter and a lot less sweet.

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