Friday, May 23, 2008

Komala Vilas, Serangoon Road

Komala Vilas, thali
Wow to the food here! It's been a long time since I've eaten at Komala Vilas (76/78 Serangoon Road, S 217981, tel: 6293 6980). The last time was a vague recollection of dosai and tea in metal cups probably 13 years back. Since then, I've passed by this shop on numerous occasions on my way to Chellas haven't walked in until now.

This pretty famous Indian restaurant which has been around before 1950 whips up volumes of South Indian vegetarian food like rice based meals, snacks like dosai, chapati, battura, idlis and vadai for the consistently large crowd that come in daily. The thali (South Indian rice meal) which came with soft, fluffy and steaming rice was mouth watering good. I thought that the rice (which comes with an array of condiments) was so good, you could eat it on its own. But you don't because there's a bunch of other accompaniment like thairu (yoghurt), spicy pickles or the huge bucket of sambar which the servers walk around with. Rice meals here are all you can eat . One can always request for more rice and vegetables.

There was also a Bombay Thali (also known as the vegetarian briyani on the menu) which was served on a steel tray. That came with saffron infused rice and an additional piece of chapati. I'm not familiar with all the names of the vegetable sides here but they were all tasty.

Komala Vilas, Bombay thali

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