Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Komala's Restaurant, Serangoon Road

Woah, this place (330-332 Serangoon Road, tel: 6299 4464) felt like a fast food restaurant with air conditioning that can barely be felt. Indian vegetarian fast food restaurant to be precise. One makes an order from the counter, pays the cashier and gets a chit which is subsequently used to collect the order at another service counter. I've walked past their outlets on various occasions before but this was the first time I'm actually eating here. We ordered a masala dosai meal and a North Indian rice meal.

The dosai didn't taste that freshly made. It wasn't crispy at the edges and not warm. Idli on the side was a little saltier than I had expected. The vadai was dense but soft and I thought it pretty good. The accompanying chutneys weren't too bad.

Their North India rice meal wasn't as good as the one at Komala Vilas. It came with some chewy naan and a gulab jamun which was milky tasting and quite good. I normally avoid them because of their excessive sweetness. There was curried cauliflower, some raita and a paneer butter masala which wasn't as great. Another weird thing. There were croutons in the rice. Where did those come from??

All in all, despite the fast food appearance it wasn't bad. But I know there must be better options in the vicinity.


Eileen. 静 said...

I have visited a few indian restaurants around mustafa but have never tried komalas :P

looking at your post..i think i should try it soon. Cool blog.. makes me hungry..

Ms One Boobie said...

It reminds me our sunday routine. .when we were kids.