Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Eastern Chicken Rice, Whampoa Food Centre

What a nice little discovery here down at Whampoa Food Centre (Whampoa Drive Block 90, #01-88, S320090). On a rainy afternoon, this place was almost serene at lunchtime which reminds me more than a little of the old hawker centre down at Tanglin Halt.

Eastern Chicken Rice does only chicken rice (roast and steamed variety) with the usual add on options for eggs, liver, gizzard and boiled greens. At $3.00 a plate with an egg option, this turned out to be really nice with plump strips of sliced chicken alongside the garlicky oiled rice that despite not being the most fragrant of their lot, was still pretty decent and definitely wasn't too grainy. I was glad that the taste of the rice leans towards garlic than ginger since the latter flavor isn't something I particularly enjoy. The chicken rice chilli sauce here is a formula of their own apparently, spicy with a decent kick and great with their rice. The portions feel more generous than Chye Kee for sure, but I guess this in a way makes up for the lack of options of other roast meats that the mentioned store provides. I'm definitely not adversed to coming back here again at all, but the options in this food centre seem a little overwhelming for choice.

11/04/2008 update

I decided that I liked this chicken rice store enough to come back again after a couple of days to have it again. Look at this. For $8 this is seriously decent portion for 2 persons (with 2 plates of rice) with an addition of an egg and chicken liver. Note the generosity with the chicken which is not flattened. The meat turned out pretty tender as well.

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