Monday, April 07, 2008

Chye Kee Goldhill Roast Chicken Rice & more, Novena

This roasted meat store (Rocovo Restaurant, 151 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, tel: 6256 3888) located just a stone's throw away from the United Square exit at Novena Station seems to be pretty packed during lunch. Their roast meats were actually pretty tasty, however the small portions do make them a little pricey. If you're wondering, Rocovo Restaurant is an old school coffee shop and not a restaurant as most of us term it. Just next door to it, is another coffee shop which houses another Chye Kee store that sells soy sauce chicken.

The roast chicken and duck here were fairly tender and absent of excessive fat. The same can be said for the roasted pork which actually had crispy crackling. The meats however weree thinly sliced and portions for two which amounted to $12.00 didn't quite do the job for lunch. Great chilli with lime here though which adds a good zest to the greasy rice.

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