Friday, September 19, 2008

Restoran Sai Woo, Jln Alor, Kuala Lumpur

Here's some of the stuff we had for dinner at Restoran Sai Woo down somewhere in the middle of Jln Alor. I've eaten here a couple of times in some of my previous trips down into KL when I stayed along Bt Bintang. This particular place seemed quite popular for their barbequed seafood amidst the stretch of roadside hawkers and has always been crowded as far as I've encountered.

One of the appeal for me was the oyster omelete which is done in a style that is quite different from how it is back home. The omelete and flour are basically spread thin over the pan to fry and ends up like some sort of crispy crepe with egg, topped with chopped garlic. The oysters which do not have any unpleasant taste (quite fresh from every single time I ordered them) are then placed separately on top. I chanced upon them some years back and have had them on a few occasions. I actually don't know if it's just this stall or if all the others in Malaysia or at least KL make theirs in a similar manner.

In my previous trips, I've tried their stir fried beef kailan, seafood porridge and frog porridge. This time round, it was just this grilled stingray and some satay from a stall nearby. The satay was quite ordinary. I didn't feel that the peanut gravy was viscous enough. Again, it's a comparison from what I've had in various bbq seafood outlets back home. The grilled stingray back home has the sambal spread across and then grilled but the one here simply grills them plain (with salt) and provided the sambal on the side. The difference in serving style gives one the option to eat it un-spiced which was actually pretty good. You could taste the quality of the meat unadulterated by strong tasting condiments. Not to mention that the seafood here is quite fresh as well. There was also a takeaway squid which we were given the impression that it would be grilled, but found out that it was merely stir fried.

Prices here seems to have gone up. I remember them being much cheaper.


red fir said...

You can get these crispy oyster omeletes at Hokkien and Teochew restaurants here. My family like the one from Beng Hiang at Amoy Str. It's a must order when we visit the restaurant.

Cavin Teo said...

I have tried quite a few stalls selling oyster omelette in Singapore and KL. Seriously, none of them tastes as good as the one you mention; i believe this particular one is within Restoran Meng Kee along Jalan Alor.

Everytime i am in KL, i would definitely patronise this particular stall!

Unknown said...

The pioneer restaurant of JALAN ALOR. SAI WOO always a good place to taste malaysia streetfood with reasonable price. The second generation are operating the saiwoo now. Normally bring all my visitors to the restaurant. I would say its the best restaurant in jalanalor