Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ba chor mee @ Seng Huat

There's always been some sort of crowd whenever I happen by the vicinity and I thought that the ba chor mee looked pretty good. As it turned out, this was a passable bowl of a local favourite. The options here were pretty simple. One can choose the portion for the noodles portions and can request for additional toppings for a dollar more. The mee pok was quite firm and none too starchy while their chilli wasn't too bad as well. Those mentioned toppings included minced meat, liver, some sliced pork, two meatballs and some mushrooms. It was otherwise just another bowl of bcm. Not bad if you're wanting to grab a quick bowl to satisfy a craving though. Definitely wasn't as memorable as the one from the fat hero in the west.

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red fir said...

Simple is best. It's regular but still looks so good. I'm still going to try. :)