Friday, September 05, 2008

Jellied pork trotters and shark meat from Lao Liang

Lao Liang, pork trotter jelly
Lao Liang, shark meatHey, this stuff was pretty good. Lao Liang (Jalan Berseh Food Centre, #02-37, 166 Jalan Besar, S208877), a Teochew stall serves a chilled (plus that handful of crushed ice bits), gelatinous and possibly collagen rich pork trotters in jelly. The flavour was light and even refreshing when accompanied by their home made plum sauce with crushed peanuts that they provided. Subtle taste of pork coupled with a firm jelly texture together with some soft crunch from what looked like pig's skin. We also had some shark meat that tasted like freshly boiled fish. Pretty good with and without their chilli sauce.

Ordered some kuey chup assortments which were pretty competent as well. Those included a broth drenched mixture of stuff like pig's skin, tau pok, eggs, sliced pork belly and tau kwa. We got ourselves the small portions - which were really pretty small but the food was enjoyable. The only gripes I had was that mild, yet perceivable coriander flavour in the gravy that they ladled over the rice. Which I would rather do without. That and there was additional charges for extra servings of that plum sauce if you wanted more.

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red fir said...

I think there's also a stall at Chinatown Complex serving this jellied pork trotters. I like mine from Huat Kee Teochew Restaurant at Amoy Street. About $10 for a small portion which can feed 2-3 pax.