Friday, September 12, 2008

Baseball soto and briyani from Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

This was known as a baseball soto from a store by the name of Noor Muslim Food down at Tanjong Pagar Railway (30 Keppel Road, S089059). I was quite intrigued by the name and guessed that it might have to do with the large begedil (potato ball) that was on display at the front of the shop. Turns out that the dish was indeed those big begedil that was stuffed with minced mutton. An order of it came in a bowl ladled over with that soto broth along with some chilli and fried shallots. The egg washed fried potato ball disintegrated quite easily after being cut open, becoming mushy like some kind of porridge. It was pretty good being spicy and all, but I thought it triggered the MSG alarm.

Over at the other end, we ordered a serving of chicken briyani from a store call Ali Nachia Dam Briyani. When one orders briyani from a supposedly dum briyani store, one expects dum briyani. Makes a whole lot of sense doesn't it? I wasn't expecting them to pick out a piece of fried chicken from a metal pot to be placed onto rice that came from a separate container. I had the idea they would have been cooked together. Anyway, no complains about the rice and fried chicken. However what passed off as raita and achar on the sides was a very watered down version. Curry was passable.

This wasn't what I had in mind. One might actually have to specify the type of briyani if you're looking for the dum version.

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Christina Kim said...

I have been seeing lots of nasi briyani posts lately...seems like they are pretty popular everywhere in our countries...multi-racial
Msia and Spore:)