Saturday, September 20, 2008

Miscellaneous roundup in KL

This is just a random bun from the stopover on the coach to KL. It was just mayo slathered with some spicy dried shrimps on top. The weird thing about those dried shrimps was that they felt hollow. It was as if, those shrimps were just shells and I had a morbid thought that was biting into something akin to cockroaches. It sure felt a little unnerving.

Dropping by at Zang Toi West 57th St. Cafe (LGF 032, Lower GF Bukit Bintang Plaza (BB Plaza), tel : (603) 21485563) in Sungei Wang, we saw their signature banana chocolate cake on display and decided to give it a go. The soft dark brown cake came in a pretty large portion with banana in between the layers. There was also a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

After a couple of bites, I realised that most of the chocolate flavour came from the sauce rather than the cake. It was heated up before serving and was pretty good. The bananas were tender and piping hot.

There was also a drink that was a float of ginger tonic and blended green mango juice that was quite refreshing. I was impressed that it wasn't excessively sweet and actually did something for thirst.

Here's a pecan topped cinnamon roll from Cinnabon down at Plaza Low Yat (B.G1, GF Low Yat Plaza, Bukit Bintang, tel : (603) 21483651). It was another one of those international franchised cinnamon roll places. These cinnamon roll shops back home seemed to have disappeared since the days of Saint Cinnamon (does anyone recall them?) which I thought was pretty good when they were fresh. These were pretty similar to those and came in a variety of toppings. Thought it was quite strange that the cheese version came with powdered Parmesan cheese. It was still lukewarm and not too stiff. The pecans were still crunchy as well.

And this would be a strawberry lamington from Starbucks down at the front of Berjaya Times Square. What piqued my curiosity were the big shreds of coconut that coated the cake instead of the usual thin bits. It was just a regular cake as I had expected with some weak strawberry jam in the middle. The coconut was what mattered and redeemed the lamington.

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red fir said...

I think there's actually still a Cinnabun Tree cafe at Amara Hotel's Shopping Arcade. Ah Teo will be happy to know that. :) I spied pecan cinnamon roll. Maybe even walnuts.