Thursday, September 25, 2008

More ramen from Menya Shinchan

This sinjiro ramen from Menya Shinchan wasn't the towering bowl as I recalled from the last visit from a neighbour's seat. But, it was still huge and filling the same. I'm not sure if this is a one off or that perhaps, after numerous feedbacks about the portions, those guys have finally decided to reduce the mountain of boiled cabbages. Speaking of which, I thought those cabbages were enjoyable because they were crunchy, fresh tasting and had that drizzle of shoyu over the top. There was also a large amount of bean sprouts underneath the soup with the noodles. I must admit that the accompanying chopped garlic on the side and the ground pepper did help to keep things going.

The spicy mazesoba was expectedly very similar to the non-spicy version that I had previously. Pretty obvious what the main difference was. The pile up in the bowl looked like it matched the size of the sinjiro so I guess this was a pretty large a portion too. For some reasons in the midst of that spicy nutty gravy, I got reminded of ba chor mee and I guess this could be loosely construed as a Japanese equivalent of that. Using ramen. With a slice of cheese.

Ultimately, I think what drew me to Menya Shinchan was their option of "hard noodles" which gave them a more satisfying bite than the other ramen shop's noodles. That and the larger variety of broth. I forgot to ask for the aji tama today. Grrrr....

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