Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mughals Hyderabadi Biryani Restaurant, Race Course Road

Mughals Hyderabadi Biryani Restaurant, Race Course Road
Mughals Hyderabadi Biryani Restaurant (72 Race Course Road) in spite of its name does not serve just biryani. There were other things as well. We came here for their biryani because I had heard mention that they were pretty good.

We started off with some freshly fried onion pakoras. These should replace onion rings at all fast food. Crispy dram batter on the outside and still slightly crunchy onions on the inside. I wonder how come these things never got popular outside of Indian restaurants.

egg biryani

mutton biryani

We ordered a couple of biryanis which were served with a thin raita and some nutty tasting curry which was just a little spicy. I wanted to try the egg briyani because I had always been curious about the flavours came about when dum briyani is cooked with eggs. And because I like eggs. There wasn't any eggy flavors involved, but mashing the hard boiled yolk into the rice made it delicious.

The mutton biryani wasn't what I had in mind. The flavour from the mutton didn't seem to seep onto the rice. The lean meat wasn't moist but was quite flavorful. I thought that Mustard and the goat variant at Swaadhisht did a better job of infusing the biryani with the meat juices.

For both the egg and mutton biryani, the basmati rice was a little dry (that's what the gravies are for). Also quite strongly scented with spices, especially heavy with cloves.

We had a Kadai paneer on the side which didn't look like how the menu described it. We were given the impression that it would be stir fried, dry and contained dried fruits. This tasted like a cashew nut curry which wasn't bad at all. Came with those soft chunks of paneer. It was the shreds of ginger that got to me.

Tried both their Irani and masala tea just to see what were the differences between them. The menu described the former to contain bits of biscuits and the server claimed that the latter was just more spicy than the first. Having tried it ourselves, we concluded that they tasted exactly the same.

Prices were pretty affordable here. I realized after getting the bill that there was no GST or service charge incurred.

Mughals Hyderabadi Biryani Restaurant, Race Course Road

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CRIZ LAI said...

The rice sure looked dry to me. The version there is also so different compared to the one I had here. There's one Kapitan Cafe in Penang that served great Claypot Nasi Briyani but with some dhall and raw onions. Who would complain for paying only RM7 per set. :)