Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mustard, 32 Race Course Road

This was an excellent discovery for Indian food. I first found out about this place some months back while I was lunching in the vicinity. I told myself that I'll be back to check out what this place was about and though it was a few months before I found myself back in Race Course Rd, I am pretty glad I did. Mustard specialises, it seems, in Bengali and Punjabi cuisine and the differences between the two offerings are highlight in their menu through the use of color codes. The interior of the restaurant reminded me more than a little of Banoo.

Kolkatta Kathi Kebab Rolls

These kebab rolls, which were served piping hot, were pretty damn good. They were found under the "trailblazers" section of the menu, which presumably are the starters. What the rolls essentially contained were some with meat, onions, crunchy green peppers and a pretty tasty pepper sauce. These certainly made excellent snacks. There were also other options for fillings like mutton, chicken with eggs or even cheese. One could just eat a couple of these things and be filled.

Kolkatta Shingara

pyramid asunder

The kolkatta shingara was a delicious and non-spicy pyramid shaped vegetable puff. The insides were filled with cauliflowers, potatoes and whole peanuts. The texture of the puff was enhanced because of the peanuts which offers quite a bit of crunch. The taste department came across as a little bland, but it seemed that quite a few of the dishes here come with little salt. Like the kebab rolls above, these puffs one could get stuffed easily with them.

palek paneer

These palek paneer (cottage cheese in puree-ed spinach) wasn't so good for me because of the bits of ginger. It's the first time I've encountered ginger in them. It was otherwise, like the regular variety.

Kosha Mangsho (mutton masala)

mutton bryani

Bryani here was quite the different thing from the usual ones. There was almost no hint of any salt. There appeared to be very little little oil in the rice and all we could taste were the spices that were used to cook the dish. The serving was large enough to feed two and came with a pretty generous portion of tender chunks of mutton and some potatoes. This would be something I will want to have again if I ever come back here. What I also liked about this briyani was also the accompanying yoghurt dip on the side which was really good with the rice.

cheese naan

Their cheese naans here aren't that special. You might have guessed that they're probably not cheesy enough. And you're right. Still they were served hot and freshly made.

Chingri Maacher Malai Curry

This coconut curry with shrimps was apparently a signature dish from the restaurant and it was good stuff. The curry was colored liked oatmeal instead of the usual spicy hues. The flavor was rich with coconut and the hint of spices. As a whole it tasted was quite rich but was not quite as spicy as many regular curries. The was flesh in the fruit which could scraped out. I suppose that was an assurance that the fruit as a bowl, wasn't recycled. The shrimps look to have been cooked in the curry for some time and texture had lost all body. In spite of that, I think I would recommend this since I'm pretty sure this would be good with rice.


The rossomlai was cottage cheese in some sweet milk. I detected ginger in the milk and it wasn't something that I was expecting. The texture of the cottage cheese was like a wet dense bread. It's probably not something I'll be having again.

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