Monday, August 13, 2007

What are your views on tipping for service?

Seeing that there is some interest generated in this topic, I've decided to bring things up front so that you can have your say about what you think about tipping. Let's stay civil with this and keep the conversation trail contained in that link here instead.


Anonymous said...

Speak tipping, most would associate it among the rich who can afford it. To me, tipping can be practised everywhere even for simple fast-food or services if the delivered service it's good.

In fact, I am more liking to tip a service or eatery that does not have the additional service charge.

Anonymous said...

I will tip if
1. I am not charged for Service Charge.
2. Service is acceptable

TheCoolDude said...

I agree with what fartboy said, that is, if service charge is not included in the bill. But the more important thing is that the service must be worth my money.

Currently, we pay for the service regardless whether we like the service or not...

Unknown said...

Tipping, why not. it takes very little to make someone's day, and although we already pay 10% service charge at a place does not mean that we should not appreciate good service.

Also, it is very useful to tip the waiters at a place you frequent. Service level improves when it comes to you and it helps also if you are in the service line and you have to sometimes entertain customers.