Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sun With Moon, Central

This Japanese restaurant brings back memories of the first time I visited a couple of years back at Wheelock Place when this blog was not yet in existence. The impression as I recall from that first visit seemed quite different from today. But we known memory can be a fickle mistress. Since then, the menu seems to have changed a little with new items which I do not remember seeing previously. Sushi and/or sashimi isn't something I would consider to be their forte. Still, it did not deter us to try out what they were able to offer in their terms.

salmon & yellowtail sashimi

Their sashimi was quite ordinary. There wasn't anything remarkable about the fish. One can see that the chefs here obviously do not put in enough skill points into their knife mastery as does a certain Kaiser Phua from the lack of clean-ness on the edges of the cuts. The presentation was fanciful for a few pieces of meat and really, style is over substance here.

dragon roll

I'm not normally big on makis as I generally don't find them very interesting. Occasionally, I end up with them. This dragon roll however sounded a bit more promising than the usual because avocado and cheese meant that I could expect this to taste quite creamy. I was right about it and this was pretty good with cream cheese at the centre. The other filling on the inside was unagi which was pretty ordinary.

rainbow roll

The rainbow roll contained crab fillings at the centre. I was actually thinking of chunks of crab meat, however what really appeared were some finely minced crab meat in mayo which I thought was really mundane. The ebiko at the top was more interesting than the crab mayo.

uni sushi

Do not order this here. It's not good at all and it actually cost more than Akashi. That is all I have to say of the uni.

foie gras sushi

The foie gras here was broiled. It didn't come with the crispy or toasted surface and was really, not impressive. This one was just so not creamy.

ebi & hotate yaki (prawn & scallop)

This prawn and scallop dish was pretty good. The scallops had quite a bit of char fragrance from the pan fry which made them quite tasty. Prawns were undeniably crunchy. My only complain was that they portions are small.

ton toro yaki

This is something that I've had before the first time I was here. I think they are grilled, with black pepper. These pork cheeks are just like bacon, minus the fat. Salty, slightly chewy and a bit dry. Again, portions aren't generous.

kani tamago toji

gyu foie gras grill

This gyu foie gras grill is simply foie gras on top of some grilled beef. Even though I had liked the idea of this dish, the outcome wasn't as I had expected as the entire thing is drenched in a sweet teriyaki sauce which drowned out all the flavour of the beef making it quite unidentifiable as beef. The eggplant blanketed foie gras here that was sitting on apple slices also did not have crispy surface. It's something that I probably will never order again.

tofu cheese cake

The tofu cheesecake seemed to be rather popular here. I personally thought it's pretty good. The texture felt like tofu rather than cheesecake, but isn't as soft as real bean curd. This cake itself was quite light in flavour, yet retains enough of the cheesecake taste that wasn't too heavy or overwhelmingly sweet.

murasaki imo mont-blanc (purple sweet potato cake)

This was a very pleasant surprise. Most of the sweet potato flavour came from the purple yarn like surface which houses whipped cream and a few chestnuts (that's the yellowish ball at the top too!) inside. Again, this dessert was not excessively sweet and I found this to be unexpectedly pleasant. Quite good stuff.

mineoka ninjin creme brulee (carrot creme brulee)

Carrot creme brulees certainly aren't the run of the mill creme brulees for sure. Which is why I just had to try it. The carrot flavours were quite mild but noticeable the same. I thought the caramel top could have been more charred.

tomato ame
Another interesting dessert was the spicy candy glazed tomatoes. These tomatoes were coated with a sugar glaze that was both sweet and mildly spicy. The fruit itself was actually fresh and the tomato bursted with juices when bitten into.

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