Monday, August 20, 2007

Back in Brotzeit

I've been back here a couple of other times. I didn't take any photos of those occasions and thus didn't write anything up. This time round, I have some better pictures than the first visit. Out of about four visits to this place, this would be the first time when the service was actually adequate. The previous occasions as I remember were pitiful attempts at waiting topped with unasked for shitty attempts at jest which I felt was totally uncalled for and definitely not appreciated. Management needs to really prioritize what the wait staff should be doing first before trying at lame jokes with the customers. That aside, I kinda like this place for the salty food and beer.


The Obatzda was from the bread section. It was basically a plate of multigrained bread that came with a bowl of Bavarian cheese based dip, caraway seeds and paprika. The dip wasn't particularly outstanding but the warm bread was pretty good. Would have been better if it came in more generous portions. There wa a lot more of the cheese spread/dip than there was bread to go around.

I do not remember the name of this salad but I was told that it translates directly into seafood salad in German; which is basically what it was.....I guess. I don't know if this is atypical of German salads or if seafood salads are common in Germany. Interestingly there was seared tuna. Gone are the days of cheap shredded tuna in salads.


This was goose liver sausage with spätzle and boiled red cabbage which a Dutch friend claimed to be better than what they do in Holland. The last part of the last sentence was about red cabbage if anyone was wondering. The spätzle were pretty good. Smaller in size than the ones at Paulaners Bräuhaus. They tasted more eggy and the cheese was definitely more fragrant and salty. Again, I thought the portions were a little small.

Brotzeitflade Bayern

Schwammerl mit Semmelknodel

This wild mushroom stew with white wine sauce was probably the best substitute for any mushroom soup I've ever come across. I generally view mushroom soups with suspicion, but this stew was flavourful with generous amount of mushrooms. The white stuff on the top are what were described on the menu as napkin dumplings. Basically bread like things made of cheese, egg and flour that made up the filler for this stew. It was quite salty.

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