Saturday, August 11, 2007

Molly Malone, 56 Circular Road

If anyone was wondering how I spent the hours of the national day parade this year, it was in this Irish pub. Interestingly, a Dutch friend who's in town (and also with me in this place) mentioned that Molly Malone's is in Holland too. And while I have my doubts about how authentically Irish the food here might be, I've to comment that the portions are rather generous without being overly expensive. If not anything else, chow here is definitely filling, from the piping hot fish & chips to the Calgary stampede burger, which I thought was kinda strange an idea for a burger here. What does Canada have to do with this Irish bar? The food of this place works towards being hearty rather than being sophisticated. Expect not the subliminal layers of complexity. It's the simple fried fare that's good with beer here. Yes! There is Strongbow.

fish & chips

Calgary stampede burger

tuna melt


momo esther said...

WO!the burger look really yummy!!

Anonymous said...

is there any age limit for dining at pubs? pardon my ignorance haha~

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi jiaying,
I don't think there is.