Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Committing the Original Sin...again

It's been some time since my last visit. Got the same impressions as it did the last time, which I thought is still a good thing. It was good because there was consistency.

Managed to get better photos of the Mezze plate and the Bosco misto. Still impressed that tofu patties can be made to taste that good.

Mezze plate

I didn't manage to figure out what made the dips on the mezze plate previously. This time round, I found out. There's are hummus, labneh, a pumpkin & carrot mash with some seeds and babaganoush. The pita was served piping hot and was good with the dips. I had to ask for more servings of the bread since there were much more dips than the bread.

Bosco misto

magic mushroom

Was taken in by the magic mushroom which featured a portobello mushroom filled with a creamy ricotta cheese and spinach, topped with a tomato basil sauce and pine nuts. The magic in this magic mushroom for me was the ricotta cheese; pretty much the bulk of the filling on top of the portobello cap. It's also pretty filling for something from the starters. Would love to have it again. Magic mushroom did it's magic.


Anonymous said...

dude,you really need to start including the address of the places you review,like ieatishootipost. not everybody knows exactly where the place is with just the name.unless you did mention the address but i missed it.

LiquidShaDow said...

I have a link to a previous visit that contains the address. I usually put the address if it is a first time I am writing on a place.