Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dinner @ Ma Maison

This is an ad hoc decision for dinner at Central. Did I mention having good memories of this place? Yeah, I think I did. I also grabbed the opportunity to check out the jumbo hamburger steak which is essentially just a beef patty. The jumbo size at 300g felt kinda small really. In fact, I wasn't all that sure it was really at 300. I was sure I could still eat more after I was done with it. My conclusion is, 300g of beef patty doesn't fill as much as 300g of prime rib which doesn't fill as much as 300g of other cuts of steak. Lol. That explains why I can do a Diamond Jim Brady while the Texas burger at Seah Street almost did me in. Lol. The menu here has a relatively small selection and I haven't actually tried most of their food since I have the tendency to want to order stuff that has meat or looks like it has a lot of meat. Prices here are quite reasonable and nothing in the menu cost even $30.

jumbo hamburger steak

caesar salad

scallop carpaccio

The main draw of the hamburger steaks here are probably the sauce which is claimed to have been stewed for 28 days. Hmmmm.....28 Days Later eh? I really don't know. The becomes what I would describe to be a Worcestershire sauce and red wine reduction of sorts which tastes not too bad. However, it wasn't that much special considering that a lot of effort seemed to have gone into it. I'm not going to mention caesar's salad since everyone has their rendition of it and I don't even know what's the original like. The scallop carpaccios are quite tasty though they really aren't carpaccios. Firstly they aren't raw and also, they're sliced far too thickly. The edges of the scallops are lightly seared and the shellfish is then topped with a chilled and sourish ebiko & radish/onion mix which was pretty damn good. It's something I wouldn't mind ordering again if I return.

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