Friday, February 09, 2007

The Diamond Cut

Lawry's is currently doing a promotion called The More the Merrier (it ends in a couple of days so hurry!) Basically it subjects the interested to a mind boggling formula which calculates a certain discount percentage based on the number of mains ordered which goes something like x = (total amount of mains X 10) - 10 where x is the said discount in percentage which only applies to mains. Phew, I'm sure it didn't boggle you there. What better time than now to take advantage of the deal for some solid juicy prime ribs... for a Diamond Jim Brady. This promotion does trim some corners off the usual offerings that come with their meal. The servings of the Yorkshire pudding were reduced to a single piece per person as compared to the usual entire pudding per person. How much cost could they have saved for some eggs and flour anyway?

The Diamond Jim Brady cut from Lawry's is their largest cut, weighing 450g. For $94.80, one can land themselves a juicy and most satisfying slab of prime rib meat. And yes, ouch that satisfaction did cost quite a bit. And I'll save myself the usual description and let the pictures do the talking. This was the first time I'm having one and in retrospect, I think nothing else smaller might do in the future.


Eat-A-Lot Bear said...

A meat-a-saurus like yourself should ask to be put on their mailing list - they'll send you poorly worded sms-es, but the discounts can be good! Current promo: 1 for 1 at lunch until Feb 17.

LiquidShaDow said...

Actually I am and I did receive that sms. Any idea if there are there restrictions of any sorts to that offer or is it as good as it sounds?

eat-a-lot bear said...

Sorry liquidshadow, I didn't call them to check coz the nature of my job means I can't escape for leisurely lunches.

I must say, you eat out alot, which isn't a bad thing, coz it keeps some of us entertained ;)

LiquidShaDow said...

Don't worry about it. :)