Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Muthu's Curry, Suntec City Mall Basement

From Race Course Road, Muthu's Curry has expanded into the prime grounds of the basement at Suntec City. I hadn't expect the variety in the menu since everyone talks about their curry fish head and I had the assumption that it was mostly what they sold. Apparently, their menu is fairly comprehensive.

This was the smallest order of the Curry Fish Head at $20. It served about 3. Almost. The gravy was less viscous and was also not as robust tasting as I was expecting. That was not to say that it was not good, but it was thin enough that I could actually drink it like soup. Which I did for most of the part after the dippers (the tandoori prata and cheese naan) ran out.

Taandori prata

Cheese naan
I actually haven't a clue what a tandoori prata could be until today. Essentially, it's a roti prata that looks like it was baked rather than fried. It also tasted like it contained less oil with a texture that was something between a regular roti prata and chapati. I much preferred the cheese naan but that's coming from someone who digs cheese in general. And of course, the palak paneer didn't escape my notice...

The spinach gravy was very fine and smooth compared some other places. I noticed that they fried their cottage cheese cubes and that exude more fragrance which got into the gravy. If I might say so, this was one of the more buttery tasting spinach puree I've had.

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