Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sum's Kitchen, 3 Jalan Legundi

Jalan Legundi runs perpendicular from the main road where Sembawang Shopping Center is. I was brought here once by a friend who told me that the owner here used to do roast duck in Hong Kong and it apparently a signature dish in this restaurant. That time, we were here at about 8pm and we just managed to get the last of their roast duck for the day. The duck was pretty good. These guys serve roast duck breast meat that's tender, so I guess it says something about how they're a cut above the norm. Besides duck, the restaurant does serve other Chinese cze char dishes. The menu is not large, but there's a bunch of other dishes that can be gotten to accompany the duck.

a serving of roast duck

three egg spinach

This three egg spinach wasn't as tasty as I've had at other places previously. It could have been a personal thing where I prefer the soup to be more robust and rich as opposed to being lightweight. Apart from this little thing with the soup, the rest of the dish was quite rather enjoyable.

sliced fish with black bean

I enjoy dishes with black beans (fermented?). Their sliced fish, although freshness were quite disappointing. Similarly to the one I had at Chin Chin Eating House (which is in sauce mode), the flavour of the black beans were underwhelming. Didn't feel that this stir fried fish was remarkable in any way.

fried bean curd with salted skin

I was expecting plain fried bean curd for this one with perhaps just salt These crispy skinned bean curd (which are served really hot by the way) were stuffed with a small variety of vegetables and some of which, made enemies with my tongue. Apart from bits of carrot and mushrooms, there was coriander. If not for the coriander, the bean curd was actually not too bad.

The cost for dinner was about $50 for four persons with rice and Chinese tea. Service was relatively snappy, albeit curt. Although this was relatively inexpensive, it can be noted that one can do with more for less at Taste of Thailand just across the main road at Sembawang Shopping Centre.

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