Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Beppu, Suntec City Basement

I've decided that after today, I won't be back here for the ramen again. I first visited this place years ago at the branch at Far East Square when they were fairly new and the idea of sprucing up the ramen with chilli count was a novelty. Thought they weren't bad. That was then. 

Today, they didn't seem to be as good as I remember them. Things have changed so it's either their method of preparation or it's me. And I cannot fathom why anyone who wants to enjoy their food would want to opt for the seven chilli option since it masked almost every trace of other flavour and drowned the whole bowl with chilli powder. It just didn't make sense to go that far.

They menu has expanded since I last came and now they have beef char siew ramen. I hadn't any idea what beef char siew was like. After trying, it didn't turn out to be recognizable as char siew to me. Just marinated and sliced cooked beef. On the bright side, the grilled squid was still as tasty I remember it. The slightly crispy charred surface and chewy meat. I'm not sure I'll come back here just for the grilled squid though. There're options aplenty and this place just didn't quite seem enjoyable anymore.

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