Monday, February 12, 2007

The Call of theMuthu

Definitely didn't plan to re-visit Muthu's Curry again so soon. It was all a result of lethargic spontaneity. Whatever it is that you made out of that description. It also meant that I liked enough of what I had here previously to want to come back again. This time round, it was even better because we've found more delicious items on menu. Apart from the much talked about fish head curry which I've mentioned previously, there were a slew of other items in the menu that featured both southern and northern Indian cuisine. Those didn't deter us from getting a serving of the fish head curry again. This time round, the fish was less meaty, but seemed to taste fresher.

Muthu's Curry, fish head curryfish head curry

Muthu's Curry, murg pudina kebabmurg pudina kebab

The murg pudina kebab reminds me of the murg malai tikka from Copper Chimney which I didn't enjoy. The initial apprehension was wiped off after the first bite. This was pretty good stuff. The only similarity with the malai tikka was the burnt chicken. It wasn't overly covered with herbs. Spicy yoghurt marinate and ground mint was good here.

Muthu's Curry, masala prawnsmarsala prawns

Muthu's Curry, masala prawnsThese marsala prawns deserved special mention because they were extraordinary. I was totally surprised by how good the prawns were. Something that one would have to try to understand. What rocked wasn't so much the masala. In fact, the sauce was unremarkable. Sadly.  It was the prawns that made this dish. Big, fat and fresh tiger prawns fully loaded with meaty crunchiness. Made me a happy man. Lol. The restaurant offered the options of having them with shells or de-shelled. We picked the de-shelled option which left us with the tail end and the heads which were easily removed. It's $6 for one prawn and judging from the menu, prices may fluctuate.

Muthu's Curry, cheese naanCheese naan

And there was better cheese naan this time round. In comparison with the previous visit, the naan today had more fragrance, was served warmer and had more cheese. It looks like I could be back again.

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