Saturday, February 17, 2007

Senso, 21 Club Street

Elegant looking restaurant piqued my curiosity from some time back with their colonial styled decor decked out at the front with all white. I've been told that the food is pretty good. This first visit left a positive impression that exceeded my expectations in terms of service. From the sommeliers to the waiters, the staff at Senso indeed made more than visible effort to provide a pleasant dining experience. The restaurant itself also featured a small (and subjectively romantic) courtyard in the middle - a dining sanctuary of a totally different ambience from the rest of the restaurant. And it seems that Senso has seen more than its fair share accolades from various local presses and media.

bread basket

chickpea puree dip for the bread

amuse bouche of tuna on a square of beetroot



We had carpaccio with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano. Their mozzarella (Pan-Fried Buffalo Mozzarella Wrapped In Parma Ham, With Marinated Raisins And Pine Kernels In Balsamico), a supposed signature antipasti of their's was delicious as well. The texture of the cheese was light with almost of a soft fungi like texture and a light chewiness. The accompanying Parma ham was had a nice deep flavour. Both cheese and ham paired nicely with the marinated raisins and balsamic vinegar. Mouth watering would be a good word to describe them.


The ossobuco (braised veal shank with mashed potatoes, rosemary and lemon Gremolata) here was delicious stuff. Even though I thought it could have been as good without the gremolata, this was a well done veal shank with flavourful meat that fell off the bone. The prize of this dish was the marrow in the centre of the bone which was heart clogging delicious. It was almost like eating foie gras.

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