Sunday, January 28, 2007

Queen's Tandoor, Robertson Quay

I'm not sure if I got the name of the place right, so if anyone knows better, please let me know. This was apparently a new Indian joint down in the courtyard of Robertson Walk. The menu of the restaurant separates into Indian and Fusion; the latter comprises of food that looked Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese. I didn't note anything particularly Japanese about the menu, and the rest of the fusion portion looked pretty much like Peranakan food. Opting for the Indian menu was a no brainer and despite it looking quite run of the mill, it turned out pretty good. One thing I've gotta complain though was that the papadums were soft. They've been hanging around for pretty long. Their mint yoghurt dip also had way much to much of coriander and you probably know already what I think about them.

This place does very nice fish and lamb (in flavourful creamy curry sauces that probably rings cholesterol bells). There was also an exceptional palek paneer which was lighter than usual and had a more buttery taste. The cheese naan were also delicious and were freshly made.

fish makhanwala

Mutton handi (claypot masala mutton)

palek paneer

cheese naan

I had my suspicions about the mutton handi being cooked in clay pots as opposed to being just served in a clay pot. It was still on the whole, enjoyable. The fish makhanwala were chunks of firm white fish(I don't know what kind) in a creamy and spicy sauce. Very satisfyingly warm when served. Dinner for two was a little below $60, which I think was a little pricey.

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