Monday, January 01, 2007

Indulgz Bistro, 9 Tan Quee Lan Street

Dinner with Junie. This is one of those places where the aftermath of dinner makes me feel that I could definitely have had better elsewhere. Yeah, I've said it. While didn't stink big time, there was a lot that left more to be desired. In short, unsatisfying. While I'm not here to put down new restaurants on purpose, I am definitely in a position (which I prefer) to really call things the way they are. Tan Quee Lan Street while isn't really remote, isn't really pedestrian neither and with the culinary standards and little publicity, doesn't look to have a healthy life in the business. We started dinner with a White Gazpacho and a Potato & Garlic soup.
White Gazpacho
Potato & Garlic soup
The gazpacho is a Spanish cold soup. It had a raw taste of finely grated vegetables and garlic. The soup tasted also to me like blended vegetable juice.I'm not sure what to make out of this here but it lacks a certain something that might have made it special which I can't put my finger to. Potato & Garlic soup came with a tinge of rawness. That rawness seems to come from the potatoes. However with the garlic and cream, the soup itself turned out decent. If I had to make a comparison, Aerin's soups are probably better value for money in both quality and quantity.
The Deep fried Camembert cheese with Berry compote ($9.90) is apparently a specialty of Indulgz. I like cheese so I don't really have much complains about this except that it's a specialty that really involves minimal skill. of frying some triangles of breaded cheese. Camembert cheese as I discovered from an often maligned source is usually eaten uncooked as heat kills the subtleties in the flavor and texture. What gives with them being deep fried? The compote while tasting as described isn't special at all. I'm guessing that it's just cooked berries and the concoction is rather watery. For cheese lovers, this might be worth a try. Another house specialty which I personally think is constitutes a sad joke is the chicken bites with tangy sauce. Another specialty that doesn't require much culinary skill to create. The chicken doesn't look uniformly fried on the surface and really, KFC popcorn chickens taste better and probably cost less. The tangy sauce tastes atypical of sauces provided in cze char stores for fried meats. It's probably the same kind of sauce that you get when you order thai chickens from some non thai eateries. And the sauce comes with coriander.
Tangy Raspberry Salad ($7.80)
Had a Tangy Raspberry Salad to share. The salad includes mesclun in raspberry vinaigrette, an egg sliced into quarters, a few token raspberries, tomatoes and some sprinkling of sunflower seeds. I suspect about the purported raspberry vinaigrette that was used in the salad because it tasted flat of just raspberries. Definitely not something I would recommend. The house specialty mains which we got were the butterfish steak and chef's crispy pasta with chicken mushroom cream sauce. Neither of which I thought was really special in any way.
Butterfish steak ($19.80)
Crispy pasta with chicken mushroom sauce ($14.00)
I'm not really a fish person with the exception the cold water ones. The butterfish tastes like a promfet with more bite and while wasn't bad, tasted very ordinary.The taste of the fish is actually bland, salvaged by the mango salsa which doesn't taste like anything else except mango. We did get a generous portion of the fish which makes me a bit suspicious based on what I've seen in the cost to food ratio. On the side, there is a nice side of truffled mashed potatoes which comes with the strange rawness that is present in the potato soup and gazpacho. The crispy pasta looks gimmicky like cze char noodles. Angelhair pasta was used instead. The taste and texture of the crispy pasta is something imaginable from appearances. Like crispy noodles from cze char stalls in cream sauce and small strips of chicken and mushroom instead of gravy. Wow, what a surprise huh? With cream sauce which reminds me of Pasta Mania.
The panna cotta, textured like bean curd (tao huay) and comes with a milky vanilla flavor which I rather liked. Apart from that, it doesn't really feel like panna cotta to me. Brownie was simply lousy stuff. The chocolate flavor insufficiently rich and it arrived lukewarm instead of hot. It's really just a dense chocolate cake with plain vanilla ice cream. Avoid it. We didn't think well enough of it to finish it.


Anonymous said...

I guess you got conned too. Indulgz wasn't even indulge-worthy. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

total waste of money (almost).

but you should try the shakes. my friend had the banana smoothie & he said it's thick & strictly for banana lovers.

i had the Chocolate Thickshake. it's kinda not bad. guess these are the only noteworthy mentions of our experience