Thursday, January 18, 2007

Yet Con, Purvis Street

Yet Con, Purvis StreetI've always thought that this restaurant down at the Beach Road end of Purvis Street only sold chicken rice since it was the only thing that's visible from the shop front whenever I happen by. Apparently they're also known for their steamboat. Not so common for a chicken rice/steamboat place. Judging from the crowd the place seemed to be pretty popular. From what I've gathered, this establishment has been around for a really long time. The setup of Yet Con was an old styled coffeeshop (marble top tables still) with air conditioning. On several of the tables are the gas piped steamboat cookers along with chicken rice condiments like the chilli, ginger and soy sauces.

Yet Con, steamboatYet Con, chicken
What theh had were pretty average tasting steamboat items which were affordable. The chicken rice was quite decent, though the meat was dry. Original Hainanese style? The chilli sauce here was flat tasting and only mildly spicy. I do mean mildly. No complains otherwise though. The steamboat had a broth that tasted like chicken soup. Wasn't too impressed with the offerings of the steamboat but didn't actually explore if they had better options to top up. It came with a small portion of assorted meat like cockles, squid, chicken and beef with a couple of eggs and some vegetables which have seen better days. I was told that the steamboat is popular here?

The verdict was that this was nothing exceptional. It's average tasting food at affordable prices. Maybe it's good for nostalgia.  Dinner for 3 which constituted chicken for 4 persons, 2 bowls of rice each and a serving of steamboat and drinks was about $38.


D said...

I used to be quite a fan of their Chinese roast pork with the thick sweet black sauce. But I haven't been there in ages since I started roasting my own.

Anonymous said...


Think they serve similar food / style to Thien Kee @ Golden Mile. I have tried both and in my opinion, Thien Kee will win handsdown :)

LiquidShaDow said...

I didn't know that there is roast port there. I must have missed it. Every time i passed by, I only saw a few dry looking steam chickens hanging near the front of the place.

Dracoholic said...

roast pork is nice :-) the steamboat is popular supposedly because the beef is very nice. I've not been there for like 4 years so can't say it's great or anything. Traditional little hainanese coffee shop, quaint!

LiquidShaDow said...

I did have the beef, which seems very saturated in seasame oil flavor. That takes away a lot of the original flavor of the meat which I enjoy. I am guessing that the standards of the food have declined since you last visited? The steamboat didn't quite look nor taste as great as I thought it might have.