Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dessert @ Garibaldi

This Italian eatery located along Purvis St. has been a landmark of sorts for Italian cuisine. I have unfortunately not had the opportunity to eat here, but doing desserts is I guess a good start. Lol.

Panna cotta


I'm not generally big on panna cotta and have only had it in a couple of occasions in recent times, so I can't really talk much about it. I don't even know how an authentic one is suppose to taste like. Garibaldi's rendition of the dessert comes in a firm jelly like texture and a slight hint of what I thought to be citrus. The tiramisu here like tiramisu elsewhere stands on its own standards. The difference here is that it comes with a dark chocolate shell filled with more...dark chocolate. In liquid form. I had originally thought that the cream colored sauce to be just plain vanilla, but it tastes exactly like the panna cotta. The hollowed chocolate ball is again, dark chocolate, but is filled with Baileys. Which is a small but pleasant surprise.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, having not been to your site for a while, I must say that I quite like the changes you made to it. However, you might want to consider catagorizing your archives by the places you have been to.

Now on to Garibaldi, for one who has eaten there and frequents the place, I will say that the food there is excellent. By my standards, $98 per head for a 4 course degustation menu represents quite good value for the quality of the food served. Additionally, the service level there is excellent and along with the overall ambiance of the restrauant, Garibaldi's provides for an extremely pleasant meal experience.

LiquidShaDow said...

Categorise archives by the places I've been to? I'm not sure I understand.

Yeah, regarding Garibaldi, I do intend to do dinner there soon. ;)