Monday, January 08, 2007

A very forgettable Pivdofr

Dinner with Junie. Pivdofr is located along the eatery laden Liang Seah Street, just across the road from Bugis Junction. I was recommended this place by a colleague whom also enjoys eating and told me that the prices of dinner at this place was very reasonable and that the food was not bad. Seeing their claims of serving good food and not serving fast food, I was thought that maybe, this could be another one of those gems in town where affordability meets quality. I'm guess that all of you  would know what assumption is the mother of. While the food at Pivdofr was really quite edible, there was really little beyond it. Their set dinner price of $16.50 did sound like a rather attractive deal. And it would seem that you pay for what you get.

The dinner gets you a small salad, soup of the day with garlic bread, a main of choice and dessert. Customers also are entitled to order their half dozen escargots at $6.50 instead of the usual $8.00 if at least one set dinner is taken. The snails were quite decent, but I thought it was a waste that there wasn't enough bread to soak up all the excess butter left behind. We found it quite laughable that both of us thought that the salad from this place actually tastes better than the circus act of a spinning bowl salad from Lawry's. What was obvious right from the start were the freshness of the vegetables that were used and strangely, I kinda enjoyed the bits of onion which seemed to add more character to the usual monotonous Thousand Island mix. I normally don't like onions. The soup of today was cream of corn and wow, the gods must been smiling because for once, I didn't encounter cream of mushroom for a daily soup. The soup was milky but a relatively unexciting cream of corn. The mains which we picked were the Hungarian Beef Goulash and the Mixed Grill. The goulash was really just beef stew that came with rice. I don't know if there's anything about Hungarian goulash that makes it truly Hungarian, but I'm quite sure this didn't have those elements because it's just a regular stew with potatoes, canned button mushrooms and carrots. On to the mixed grill, I know I've had better in coffeeshop westerns. Better in portions and better in quality. More than significantly better at that. These didn't even come with the bacon and eggs or even lamb. The meats were hard and well done (yeah, the doneness of the beef too) and what I assumed to be the chicken wing could well have been pigeon wings. The dinner finished with an easily guessed scoop of ice cream. I'm so thrilled. Thrilled that now I know and that I will never set foot in here again.

Maybe it's just me expecting too much.


Anonymous said...

hey, love you food blog! by the way, if you are a spicy person, samy's curry's good. specially the fish head curry. Look forward to your post on a trip there!

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi k3,

Glad to know that there are people who like reading it.

Will take a look at Samy's Curry. I think the one at Marina Sq should be an easy reach for me.

Anonymous said...

hmm.. agreed it's easier to reach but from my exprience, the one at marina square's curry fish head ain't that fresh 'cos i guess it's the crowd whereas the one at dempsey has great old traditional environment and it's flooded with ang mos. =)

LiquidShaDow said...

Dempsey is central enough for me too. I just need to find the company. :)

Dracoholic said...

Bummer, cause Pivdofr used to be good, kind of like the Basil Alcove type of good, minus the food styling. Anyway that being said, used to be is like 6 years ago.

Dracoholic said...

Bummer, Pivdofr used to be good like 5-6 years ago... can't really compare it to basil alcove though. basil's presentation n taste is up there. By what you're saying, Pivdofr is just as good as Phin's next door. That's depressing. :(