Saturday, August 18, 2007

Curiosity killed the crab! (murtabak)

Previously when I last visited Taman Serasi Food Garden (1 Cluny Road), I saw that the Indian store offered crab murtabak and I thought that it might be good since Yummy Crab was around. Now, I'm not sure if there was any connection between the crab that's being used for both stalls. But I've finally tried the crab murtabak and it was a major letdown. Quite disappointing because I was hoping they would be good. I imagine they could have taken off well if it were.

The person making the prata actually told me that crab meat was expensive and not to expect too much out of it. Comparing to the $18 fried rice at Yummy Crab, this $6 crab murtabak didn't even have a third of the portion of crab that the fried rice had. On top of that, the crab meat was minced. With only a handful of the meat thrown in with some shredded cheese, fresh green chilli slices and loads of raw onions, I couldn't really taste any crab. It was mostly cheese and onions. Totally unspectacular. This stall also took a long time to process the orders and gave an attitude that showed they didn't care if you weren't happy for the long wait. I did also unfortunately ordered a serving of Indian rojak and requested for a re-fry to get the food heated. When the rojak arrived, I was sure that nothing was fried but the stall owner claimed that it had been and that I took too long to come back for the collection. Seriously, that was one uber lame service. I was sure I didn't waited that long that the food had turned cold. This is where I'll tell myself I'll be back - not!

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