Monday, October 20, 2008

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, New Bridge Road

Despite the appearance of Song Fa (11 New Bridge Road, #01-01, tel : 6533 6128) with all that crowd, I didn't feel like it was one of the better ba kut teh around town. The soup was less peppery and robust in comparison with Imperial and definitely wasn't on par with the Sin Min outlet down at Kelantan Lane. The lack of kick was a bit of a let down. Refills of the soup fared even worse. Must have been a separate batch of that broth there. I'm going to put this at the bottom of the list of options if I ever get a craving. What was good was the cloves of garlic that were so soft and you could just suck them out of their skins. Their bowls of clear soup mee sua with pig kidneys was always welcomed on a cool evening.

Despite the seeming popularity of the pork rib soup, I thought that their braised fallopian tubes in dark sauce was actually the better dish. They seem to taste better than the usual ones I've had in kuey chup stores.


red fir said...

Next time when you come by Jurong try Joo Siah near Chinese Garden MRT. This place serves kickass peppery BKT after you've eaten this you would say no to others. It'd be good to come in the mornings coz the premium loin ribs run out fast. They give piping hot refills gratis, salted vege (or was it mui choi) is really nice, pig trotters tender or you could order the braised intestines and other pig innards.

They close early on Sundays and is not open on Mondays. Trust me you'll love the BKT here. Oh damn haha now I feel like BKT...

red fir said...

Hey I really think these are intestines and not fallopian tubes. These braised intestines are called "fen chang" in Chinese. Fallopian tubes are called "sheng chang" and they're really small and chewy, almost translucent looking. It suddenly occurred to me I've eaten them in porridge at Ah Chiang's before. Braised intestines are more common fare.