Friday, October 10, 2008

Biryani from a coffeeshop at Ang Mo Kio

This Indian food stall was located at Ik Wah coffee shop (Blk 252, Ang Mo Kio St 21). Not 10 minutes away from Hong Heng. Was quite good. Their biryani had sufficient fragrance from the spices in the rice that one could eat them on their own while the curried bone-in mutton was surprisingly tender. Would have been great if the meat portions were larger. I wouldn't mind having them again.


Unknown said...

Its called R R Indian Food Stall at Le Wah Coffeeshop.

Its a stall where I get my breakfast fix often for the pratas, thosai, kambing soup, etc.

LiquidShaDow said...

Yep. That's the store. I had it a second time and it was as good. The portions of the meat was a little small though, but it was all good.